Gift wrapping – by Sonya Sanchez Arias
Handmade plastic bag, recycled from an old placemat, rubber tubing handles, grommets, wheat, raffia, sand dollars, and starfish.

Wrap It Up!

If wrapped well and presented with heartfelt wishes, even the smallest of gifts can look amazing and make the person feel valued. Little do we realize that by using a little bit of creativity and repurposing some Recycled materials, we can make beautiful looking custom made wrapping right at home!

Halloween Gift Wrapping – by Sonya Sanchez Arias
Wrapped in a recycled wine box painted black, twisted black paper barbed wire, black gauze, silver paint, painted plastic skeleton, and stickers.

Presentation matters, and today, in an overly commercialized and material world….it becomes even more important to focus on the real meaning behind the gift-giving, by creating a beautifully wrapped thought that really counts.

Gift wrapping – by Sonya Sanchez Arias
Wrapped with stamped brown paper, dried lotus pods, feather and glitter butterflies, plastic beads, wire and, twine.

The above images are examples of a few of my wrapped gifts, a summer gift bag, a quirky Halloween gift, and a fall bouquet that was a Thanksgiving gift.

It doesn’t matter what the occasion, birthday, anniversary, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. A gift that is wrapped up creatively using everyday materials, or left over decorations that have been repurposed into a beautifully wrapped gift and presented with lots of love and genuine wishes can become the most valued part of the gift!

I have found that among it’s other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver – Maya Angelou

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