“For me the material nature of jewelry is not nearly as important as the presence and feeling of an object that has been transformed from one material, having one purpose, into something entirely different.” – Sonya Sanchez Arias

As an artist I am a work in progress, always growing, always learning, always inspired by the possibilities. I am always at the beginning of the next stage of my creative journey, full of passion, emotion, unfettered openness. I continue to search for my own artistic identity, and I freely experiment with different subjects and materials. ~ Sonya Sanchez Arias

Artist Statement

Art Jewelry and Mixed Media Art

There is beauty and usefulness in all things. So much energy, design, and creativity are invested in all the materials and objects that we use in our day to day lives, and so much of it is taken for granted and thrown away. I’ve always used salvaged scraps and various fragments to create my personal work, the whole process of transforming discarded materials into art jewelry or objet d’art has always struck me as necessary and gratifying. Over the years, that experimental process of transforming materials has sent me on a journey of discovery.

I create from the inside out. Though I work quite deliberately, consciously exploring the attributes of my materials, addressing their limitations and creating innovative techniques by which I can manipulate and repurpose them, my unconscious carries me across the barriers into new and uncharted possibilities.

I focus more on what I think things “could be” rather than what most people think they “should be” – for me it’s always about “transformation and possibilities”! My experimentation with unusual found objects and alternative materials frees my imagination and provides many opportunities for wonderful accidents and new techniques that influence the finished product.

If my work has a mission, it is this: To see the beauty and potential of all things and the possibilities that a different point of view can create. It may be an empty water bottle, plastic utensils, rubber tubing, electrical wires, trash bags, paper, threads or any other found object: Whatever the material or the original purpose, it can be transformed into something new and unexpected with a new and viable reason for existing.

My goal is to inspire those who see my work to look more carefully at the world around them, to discover beauty in unusual places and consider the possibilities of a different point of view.

New collections:

Jewelbox-Dharma Exhibition -Promo video

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Jewelbox-Dharma Exhibition -Opening Reception video

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New Work Jewelbox-Dharma- Inside Out

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Jewelbox-About Inside Out collection

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Art Jewelry Collections:

Art Jewelry – Spectrum Collection

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Other Projects

Inside Out – Mixed Media Assemblage Collection

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Recent Mixed Media Assemblage

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“Fragments” – Collection

Signed Limited Edition Archival Dye Sublimation Aluminum Metal Prints – Float mounted on salvaged, reclaimed, repurposed, handmade wooden bases.

Fine Art Photography Exhibition

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Fine Art Photography Exhibition

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To view more images from my FRAGMENTS exhibition please visit the link below:

Paper&Plastic Recycled Dresses

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A few images of my recycled dresses from the ART COUTURE exhibition at the Cornell Museum please visit the link below:

I crow my delight in sharing and admiring the joyful, personally expansive treat of your jewelry collection. I applaud the courage of bravely going public with such wild  inventive leaps of imagination, each piece exquisite and precise and pleasing in thought and application, altogether making such extraordinary magic out of the ordinary and the everyday.

Well, if there’s one word I would use to describe the work it would be “important.” There’s also striking, riveting and dynamic, those work too. I think the work crosses three remarkable boundaries, linking wearable, attractive jewelry with environmental consciousness and handmade art. At their intersection is something quite remarkable and worthy of serious attention, I think. I sat there watching your work on the screen, seeing something that’s evolved from your sensibilities and your life with Judy into a work that has world ready consciousness and maturity. Congratulations on finally sharing this with the world.

I think you are a creative genius, Sonya. I remember seeing you wearing your handmade jewelry and being floored by it; original and provocative styling by an original and provocative artist. So happy to see your website and blog come to life and I’m wishing you every success in the future. Folks, Sonya is THE REAL DEAL.

Henceforth, I shall never ever doubt the machinations of your bountiful creativity. Just create and I’ll ogle and wonder. Lots of oooohs and awes from this end.

Wow Sonya, I’m simply blown away by the creativity and imagination that explodes in every piece of work I’m seeing! The transformation of seemingly useless materials unto something so gorgeous and yet very meaningful is absolutely mindblowing.

Sonya, your work is absolutely beautiful!! It’s great that you’ve found a way to turn items that would be considered junk into works of art. You’re decreasing the carbon footprint while giving people unique fashion accessories. Kudos to you!

I thought I knew all that there was to know and discover about you as an artist… until this jewelry line was revealed to me in a sneak peek. It shattered my perceptions of you as an artist and opened my eyes more fully to the use and re-imagining of discarded materials. I am so blessed to be in the presence of Sonya. I want to pay you the ultimate homage by saying “I know Judy would be proud”

As always, you have dazzled me with your creativity, consciousness, and keen ability to touch the heart of what is unique, beautiful and eye catching. Your work reflects your soul and your passion. I know with confidence this will be the beginning of a line that will take-off bigger than your wildest dreams.

Sonya…you are simply awesome. I remember sitting with you and thinking the same thing when you showed me your manipulated Polaroids and again for your exhibition so many years ago. I am continually amazed that we may look at the same things and yet you see so much more. To find such beauty in everyday things is indeed a blessing.

Your talent is endless. I am always amazed by it. Pure perfection in everything you touch. R-