Inside Out Collection for Dharma Exhibition 2019

This new collection of Art Jewelry is part of my INSIDE OUT body of work that I began early in 2019.

Go inward. That’s the real work….The answers are never on the outside. Looking within….is the only way I can come to really know myself and the possibilities and potential of my creativity. 

In this collection of Art jewelry, I’m using 3 main colors: Red, black and white. My materials are plastics, rubber, seeds pods, chains, and other recycled and found metals and lots of threads……

I use a lot of threads in many art, because…..for me, the act of using thread, sewing, knotting and tying things together, is an act of emotional and physical repair – taking things that are damaged, broken and fragmented and making them whole again. The colors I am using are also important and purposefully and subconsciously chosen – nothing is random for me.  

Why RED, WHITE & black?

Red was the most obvious choice for my “inside Out” collection because……RED is the color of the interior of our bodies – for me, it represents the ‘inside out’, regardless of what you may see on the exterior, we are all red on the inside. Red is the color of the heart – it represents love, it is the color of fire and blood, of energy and primal life forces, but it also represents danger, caution, and protection.

WHITE is ethereal it is the color of purity, wholeness, innocence, clarity, completion, new beginnings, awakening, openness, it is the color of a clean canvas, the color of possibilities. White is elegant, a clean palette, working in white makes you look into it – but it is also extremely fragile.

BLACK represents sophistication, power, drama, elegance, formality, mystery….I have always loved black – It isn’t a negation of color…instead it is the most complete color of all, made of all the colors in the palette. Black is the most aristocratic color of all… it can be quiet, and yet it contains every color that represents the whole of everything – and that gives it its power and elegance.

It’s also an interesting coincidence that these colors also represent the national colors of Trinidad the beautiful little island nation where I was born. Trinidad and Tobago will forever be a major source of my influences and inspiration as an artist.