Art Jewelry Collection for JEWEL BOX-SPECTRUM Exhibition.

The past, like the future, is indefinite and
exists only as a spectrum of possibilities – Stephen Hawking
Definition: spec‱trum – noun – The whole range
of ideas, qualities, situations, etc. that are possible.

This Collection was created for the JEWELBOX- Spectrum Exhibition at The Y Art Gallery in Trinidad. This collection is inspired by many special places in Trinidad that remain near and dear to my heart. The pieces in this collection are made from many different materials: Plastic straws, knives, forks, and spoons,  water bottles, paper, hammered galvanize, string, wire, rubber tubing, aluminum, plastic shopping bags, paper plates, recycled glass, recycled metals, driftwood and leaves just to name a few. (see captions on each image for the recycled materials, natural materials and odd and ends that I used to create my new collection).

As always with my work, I try to focus more on what I think jewelry “could be” rather than what most people think jewelry “should be” – for me it’s always about “the possibilities”! My experimentation with unusual and alternative materials frees my imagination and provides many opportunities for wonderful accidents and new techniques that influence the finished product.

If this work has a mission, it is this: To see the beauty and potential of all things and the possibilities that a different point of view can create. It may be an empty water bottle, plastic utensils, rubber tubing, electrical wires or trash bags. Whatever the material or the original purpose, it can be transformed into something new and unexpected with a new and viable reason for existing.

Hope you enjoy this New Collection and please feel free to leave your COMMENTS and thoughts.