Caring for your Art Jewelry

A little common sense goes a long way  – just treat your ART JEWELRY with care and they should last a long time! That said, please keep in mind the following:

  • Don’t be harsh on your Art Jewelry! Treat them with care, like you would any jewelry. These materials can be scratched (even glass and plastics). They’re not diamond : )
  • Take special care if a ring has a thin shank (band). That’s often where cracks or breaks occur.
  • I know many people who’ve broken rings by clapping. Be aware of this before you attend any event where clapping is likely to occur (concerts, sporting events, parties, what have you).
  • Also beware of tapping your ring against your drinking glass!
  • Wearing rings on your non-dominant hand (i.e. left hand, if you’re right-handed) will reduce the chances of breakage since you’re less likely to grab for things and smash your ring against hard objects with your non-dominant hand.
  • It’s best not to expose any of your Art Jewelry to chemicals or alcohol-based products such as perfume, hairspray, household cleaners or nail-polish remover.
  • Do not wear your Art jewelry rings during a manicure; damage may occur from chemicals or even the UV lamp.
  • It’s also a good idea not to immerse rings in water, especially if they have a glued component or are porous like wood. Remove before washing hands, washing dishes, showering, etc. Getting your hands wet makes it easier for rings to slip off and crack in the sink or break if dropped to the floor (oh nooo~).
  • Art Jewelry is sensitive to heat changes. Sudden exposure to extremely cold or hot temperatures can cause cracks! Do not leave your art Jewelry in a hot car.
  • Be extra careful with glass, wood, plastics and stone rings, which will crack or shatter if not treated with care. Inspect your ring once in a while to make sure no cracks are forming. Do not try to force a ring onto a finger that’s too big.
  • Be careful with any hand painted rings. Remember, these materials are not immune to scratching or breaking; they are similar to miniature paintings.
  • Wood should be kept dry. You should also avoid heat. Take special care to avoid splitting and cracking,  as wood is porous and naturally less resilient than lucite, glass, plastic, metal etc.
  • Jewelry made from seed pods, nuts and other organic material are treated with resin and other sealers – but as with wood, you should avoid excessive exposure to moisture and heat. Again, these organic materials are porous and naturally less resilient than lucite or glass.
  • It’s worth repeating: just treat your ART JEWELRY with care and with common sense, and you shouldn’t have a problem.